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CBR Test Apparatus

Designed for performing laboratory CBR tests to BS 1377 and ASTM D1833, this bench mounting machine comprises a twin column frame incorporating a motorised drive system. A single speed is provided to satisfy both BS and ASTM standards. Rapid adjustment of the platen is provided which enables daylight to be taken up quickly and also close control of application of a seating load.


Direct Shear Apparatus

The ELE Shear Apparatus accepts specimens 60 mm, 100 mm square or 2.5 inches in diameter. The use of a microprocessor controlled drive system and keyboard entry provides the apparatus with a wide range of features which include pause and speed reset during test, operator programming of speed and control functions, self test diagnostics and many other features. A return to start datum provides a positive means of reversing the shearbox when either preparing for a new test or continuing with residual testing procedures.


ELE Sieve Shaker

The ELE sieve shaker is powered by an electromagnetic drive that has no rotating parts to wear making it maintenance free and extremely quiet in operation. The unit features a triple Vertical-Lateral-Rotary vibrating action that moves the sample over the sieve producing faster, more efficient sieving, while the rapid vertical movements also help keep the apertures from blinding. The shaker is ideal for laboratory or on-site use.

Soil Testing products we currently offer from ELE Instruments:

California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Testing Apparatus

California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Mould

Tenisile Testing Apparatus

Sieve Shaker Apparatus

Electomic Balance



Cube Mould

Sieve Brush

Speedy Moisture Tester

Direct Shear Test Apparatus

Sand Cone

Consolidation Test Apparatus

ENKAY Enterprises|Soil Testing

ENKAY Enterprises


Motorized Sieve Shaker

Motorized Sieve Shaker is manufactured, supplied and exported by us in several specifications to meet the diversified client needs. Characterized by powerful motor and magnificent capacity, this series is also famous in the industry for its consistent operation and ease of maintenance. Clients can obtain these sieve shakers in tamper proof packaging.



For the purpose of providing the finest Penetrometer that is available in the market, we engage in using the highest grade of raw materials and modern machines in its manufacture. Has a longer functional life, provides superior performance and commendable accuracy. The offered product is used for the purpose of testing the strength of various solid materials.


Slump Test Apparatus

Slump Test Apparatus is manufactured, supplied and exported in multiple specifications to meet the diverse client requirements. Portable, lightweight and robustly constructed, the offered apparatus is extensively popular among our valued customers. Proffered in standardized packaging, this apparatus is made using corrosion resistant steel sheet.

Soil Testing products currently available from ENKAY Enterprises:

Motorized Sieve Shaker

Soil Drying Oven

Cone Penetrometer

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Semi-Automatic Cone Penetrometer

Slump Test Apparatus


VWR International|Soil Testing

Featured Soil Testing products from VWR International Ltd.:

Sieve Shaker

Drying Oven

Cone Penetrometer

Dynamic Cone, Penetrometer

Semi-Automatic Cone Penetrometer

Slump Test Apparatus


Laboratory Solutions

A.J. Cope & Sons

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Jencons Scientific


Daihan Scientific


Jeio Tech

jeio tech lab
Analytical Instruments

Beijing Rayleigh Analytical Instruments


Double Beam Spectrophotometer

The double beam spectrophotometer successfully realizes high accuracy and reliability measurement to meet various application requirements. It can be used extensively for qualitative and quantitative analysis in such fields as biochemical research and industry, pharmaceutical analysis and production, education, environmental protection, food industry, clinical examination, sanitation and anti-epidemic; among many other potential uses.

Bibby Scientific Company Ltd (UK)


Digital Flame Photometer

Designed for clinical analysis with a flame failure safety system, and operates with propane, butane, natural gas or LPG.  The digital flame photometer is a low temperature, single channel flame photometer that is specifically designed for use in clinical applications for the determination of sodium, potassium and lithium. The in-built lineariser circuitry enables readings of both sodium and potassium to be displayed directly in mmol/l.

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